6 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Wedding Photographer

October 13, 2016

As wedding season in Cornwall comes to and end for us, we thought how important it is to get the most out your wedding photographer. Your wedding day only happens once and let's face it, we wedding photographer's are not cheap. We are good at what we do, but we can't create magic without help from you and your wedding party. So here are our top tips to get the most out your photographer...


 1. Meet us!


We get told all the time by potential couples that they hated their friend's photographer because he/she was really bossy and awkward. That is not what you want from your photographer! It's a really good idea to meet us, or speak to us over the phone to get an idea of our style and personality. We definitely don't boss people about and for 95% of our wedding photography, we create unposed, natural photos. The only time spent directing photos, is your formal group shots and your own couple photos. Above all, we are nice people who love what we do!

 2. Prepare us a shot list and get your ushers to USHER!


Have a list of who you want in each of your group shots and send it to us before your wedding. This way we can familiarise ourselves with the list and know how much time need. Give a copy of this list to your ushers, and give them the job of the day to round up the relevant guests when we are photographing. This means when we are photographing one group, the next group will be ready to go. Meaning super quick, easy, stress free photos! Let the ushers USHER! It's also a great idea to have the photos slightly away from the reception so we can pull the relevant guests away and you won't be distracted with endless congratulations. That's all for later...


3. Dedicate TIME for your group shots and couple shots


We can't tell you enough how important it is to dedicate 30-50 minutes for your group photos on your day. Rounding everyone up for your group photo takes time, especially when there's alcohol and food involved! Usually, straight after the ceremony work's perfectly for group shots, when everyone is still in the same place. It make's it easier for us to round guests up, and it means we can get it out of the way so you can enjoy the rest of your wedding hassle free! Although, it may mean skipping your 'hello's' after the ceremony, it means you'll have way more time for celebrating later.


We also can't express how important it is to have time for your own photos. These one's are the most important one's right? We've shot so many weddings where the couple had no more than 10 minutes for their own photos, and although we get the shots, they don't turn out like the dreamy photos you've been inspired by. The more time we have, the more dreamy, perfect and beautiful your couple photos turn out! It's a no brainer. So schedule that time in, not only do you get your photos, you also get some alone time to talk to each other after getting married, trust me you'll need it.  It can be after your group shots, or maybe just before sunset, 30 minutes is all that we will need. 



4. Share with us your Pinterest board


There are so many different styles of photography out there, it's good to bounce some photos back and fourth of the kind of photos you'd love for your day. Pinterest is a really great way of showing us what you love, and what we can create for your day. It's also amazing for getting creative with your shots, if you want try something fun and different, we're alway's up for it! Send your Pinterest boards over to us. https://www.pinterest.co.uk/wildtidecreative/


5. Introduce us to your friends and family on the day

This last one's a hard one... We know you'll both be really busy but it's so helpful if you quickly introduce us to family and close friends. That way we know who Mum is, Dad is, Grandparents and the rest, and guess what, they will all be in the photos! It's also great to know family members, so if we need help rounding people up for photos, we can grab one of them to point everyone out. We try and include everyone in the photos of your day, but it's so much better if we know exactly who's who so we can get some candid shots of the one's you love. 




6. Umbrella's for rain and PROPS for photos!


Wedding photos can look amazing simply when we include props, it adds something a little different and more personalised. The main one you'll see is UMBRELLA's, because let's face it, there's always a chance of rain on your wedding day. If it's forecast to rain, buy a simple wedding umbrella, that way we can still do your shots outside and umbrella's always look great for photos. Staying dry and creating magic! Can't tell you enough about the umbrella, BUY ONE! 


Other great props are bicycles, chalkboards, balloons, the list is endless! We love an old bike our my photos, they always look gorgeous and suit a rustic wedding theme. Chalkboards are also a great way to get some text into your photo's, wedding date, just married etc, maybe a simple thank-you so you can send your photo as a thank you card after you wedding. 


For more info on wedding photography in Cornwall, Devon and beyond head here

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